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Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Building Viscous Technical Solutions across Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud - for the World’s Leading Enterprises, Agencies, Startups and Individuals

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Who We Are


Who We Are

We are a bunch of creative professional nerds. We've been helping companies make or save money with their products by providing viscous technical solutions with innovative UI and UX.

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Tech Specialization in GoLang, ReactJS, AWS, NextJS, NodeJS, Serverless

We leverage various Technologies, Frameworks & Platforms to provide comprehensive IT Services & Solutions which help our clients drive business value and innovation. We excel in designing, developing, and integrating customized solutions for the people through That People's.


What We Do

Delivering Your Vision Through Viscous Technical Solutions


Product Engineering Excellence - Building next-generation products, platforms & experience that connects with your customers


Transforming businesses by developing products, services & experiences that connects with your customers


Skills, Processes & Commitment - which you need | Offshore, Onsite or Hybrid - whatever you need


Developing a website that helps you to boost or grow your digital presence for the business.


Mobile App

Building an app that brings your idea into reality that will reach in every hand.


Desktop App

Developing user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the web browser.


(UI, UX)

Crafting Designs that Impress, an Interface that’s Flawless, an Experience your Customers love.


Software Development

Building AI Solutions that reduces manual efforts, Learnt models that drives revolution.


Cloud & Cyber
Security Consulting

Consulting smooth cloud journey that every business deserves. Reduce and Manage Your Security Risk.



We Work With

Whenever a maker and a thinker get together, really cool stuff happens!


Working with Large Enterprises as well as Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

We transform the way small, medium & large enterprises conduct their business with customers / clients, vendors / suppliers, partners and employees in this digital age.


Working with Consulting Agencies, Software Vendors, Product Development Agencies

We partner with agencies to work on a project end-to-end, or as extended team to build their client's project successfully.


Working with Global Tech Startups - For Their Technical Needs

We empower and support startups with our digital and technical expertise & experience at each stage - whether you are at Seed stage OR Expansion stage.

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We Serve Customers Globally

That People's works with the World’s Leading Enterprises, Agencies, Startups and Individuals - To Plan, Develop, Test, and Expand their Digital Initiatives.


Why Choose Us

Everything you expect and more.

Customize Everything

We handcraft your vision which turns into reality.

Dedicated Team

We have a bunch of creative professional nerds.

Moonshot Thinking

We might provide the Moonshot to your exploratory and ground-breaking project.

Cutting Edge Solutions

We are providing a cutting edge technical solution to your business needs.

We Do What We Say

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.

Quality Focused

Committed To Quality. Committed To You. Think and make your Choice!


Development Models

Below are 6 development methodologies we use for our clients, each model is further fine-tuned for a specific client engagement depending on the needs, time available & their documentation practices


Agile Scrum


Extreme Programming (XP)


Rapid Application Development (RAD)


Engagement Models

Tailored to meet varied needs of our global clients which could be one-time OR continuous


Fixed Price, Time & Material Model

Team Augmentation

Resource as a Service (Offshore, Onsite & Hybrid)

Product Engineering

Consulting & Planning, Complete Product Engineering


Plan, Develop, Test, and Expand Your Digital Initiatives

Let us know about your query and we will get back to you as early as possible.

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